Excellence center package

If you already run your OTA, but looking for cost and time saving on call center management, this package is for you. Oue agents speak 10 langugages. If you decide to enter new markets, but do not have infrustructure there or want to establish business quickly, we can be at your disposal.We know everything about client service in travel business and can provide the best service for your customers.

What is in the package

  • Customer support center infrustructure
  • Multichannel support: phone, mail, chat, social media
  • Agents hiring, training and supervision
  • Customer support 24/7

Benefits for you

  • You save up to 50% on customer support center

  • You do not spend time on hiring, training and management of agents

  • You do not loose time for customer support center management

  • We can work on your platforms and with your internal systems or we can provide you with our solutions

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