Consolidator package

Consolidator package
If you want to have best air fares in the market or if you do not have your own IATA or you would like to use benefits of better conditions on transboarder airticket sales, this package is for you. Your agents will have access to our OID and can make bookings, changes and cancellations.

What is in the package

  • Provide our IATA number and GDS terminal (Galileo or Amadeus) for your
  • OTA
  • Issue tickets for your clients
  • Make rebooking/reissue/revalidation

Benefits for you

  • You do not need to get your own IATA accreditation
  • If you have IATA , you will improve your sales via best fares in the market
  • You do not spend time on hiring, training and management of agents
  • You save your budget because you simply do not pay salary and pay for the services only

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